Tangier Memos

Tangier Memos is a six-episode podcast series brought to you by the House of Beautiful Business and Cloud District. It uses the history and location of Tangier—the city at a crossroads—as a starting point to discuss a (business) world at a crossroads. Over the course of six episodes, we speak with visionary thinkers, founders, CEOs, scientists, and artists about the antidote to our current polycrisis: a life-centered economy based on an interspecies mindset, regenerative economics, responsible AI, fluid identities, feminism, intimacy, and belonging.

EP. 6

From Tangier to the World

EP. 5

What is Between the Two of Us?

EP. 4

Atoms and Algorithms

EP. 3

Words and No Words

EP. 2

Joy and Sorrow

EP. 1

Lemon and Purse


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