Why We Need ’Emotional Diversity’ at Work Right Now

A truly human workplace is not one that wants to make us happy all the time

Fast Company, May 28, 2022

Emotions are energy in motion. Without them, we wouldn’t feel compelled to act, create, or move an inch. This is why they are so vital, not just in our personal lives, but also in the workplace. A company’s formal organizational structure is always invisibly overlaid with an informal network of relationships fueled by emotions.

Studies show us that emotions impact how we perform, lead, make decisions, innovate, and commit to our organizations. Recent research from Wharton management professor Michael Parke indicates that expressing emotions in the workplace among teams results in their enhanced ability to solve problems and generate ideas. 

Toxic Positivity is Forcing Us to Fake it

And yet, showing emotions at work, especially the more complicated ones, still seems inconceivable for many managers. Some fear losing face or authority, while others think they’ll be perceived as soft or weak. For many of us, “toxic positivity” is still the default culture that will outline how we show up and lead.

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