Finding the Sacred Alphabet II: The Language of Time

“As a bookish and often lonely child,” the novelist Aditi Khorana recalls, “I often imagined opening the door to my closet and finding a portal to a new world at the other end. Now, as we all glimpse down the long passageway to the world on the other side, what can we learn about the language of time?”

How does the language of the past shape the language of the future? How can the stories, archetypes, poetry, and myths of the past be re-purposed and re-imagined for a new world?

In the second part of our three-part series on language, Finding the Sacred Alphabet, we'll discussed these questions through a discussion, and developed new tools of language to guide us into the future.

Together with Aditi Khorana and special guests, ethnographer and researcher Jonathan Cook and mythologist and depth psychology scholar Dr. Catherine Svehla, we explored the language of time.


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