Homo Digitus: How Technology is Changing Human Experience

Jared Ficklin, co-founder and chief creative officer, argodesign, at the House of Beautiful Business 2018.

An innovator by nature, Jared is always exploring new means for technological interaction. Currently, he’s especially interested in inputs and outputs such as touch, multi-touch, voice, gesture, sensing, and projection. When it comes to inventing such creations, his mantra is “Think by Making, Deliver by Demo,” which evidences his focus on realization and the magic of simulating user experiences to make potential futures tangible.

Jared was the first to bring live fire to the TED stage (and smart, fully transparent porta-potties to SXSW). He also spent time as a cowboy as part of the PBS living history experience known as Texas Ranch House, and remains co-director of the Austin Public Skatepark Action Committee.


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