The End of Winning: Why the Future Belongs to Losers

In the face of the pandemic, as well as the global mental health crisis, social inequality, and climate change, it is becoming increasingly clear that the winner-takes-all mindset that has governed the business world for so long must be replaced. Paradoxically, to win the future, we must become better at losing.

From resistance to restraint to surrender, which actions can we take to not just tolerate losing but celebrate it as the very essence of our humanity?

House of Beautiful Business co-founder Tim Leberecht, author of the forthcoming book The Losing Proposition, hosted a discussion about alternative concepts of winning and losing, success, and wellbeing together with Charlotte Fox Weber, head of psychotherapy at The School of Life; Rebecca “Bex” Smith, global director of the women’s game, COPA90, and former professional football player representing New Zealand at the World Cup and Olympics; and Mark Aanderud, musical director of the House of Beautiful Business.


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