Why We Need Feminist Foreign Policy

Kristina Lunz, human rights activist, co-founder and Germany director of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, and advisor to the German Federal Foreign Office, explains her work and urgency for a feminist approach to foreign policy.

Born in Southern Germany to a working class family, Kristina moved on to study at Oxford and Stanford, where she gained a background in diplomacy, human rights, and psychology. She has since worked around the world in cities including Yangon, Myanmar, and Bogotá, Colombia, and as a research advisor to the three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy. Kristina has published numerous works for the United Nations Association of Germany on issues related to feminist foreign policy, violent extremism, and inclusivity.

Above all, she continues to fearlessly raise her voice against sexism, educational inequality, and racism, with “zero tolerance for social injustice,” as she says.


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