How to Become a Beautiful Business Thought Leader

Work with the House team to build your personal brand

Wednesday – Friday, September 28 – 30, 2022, in Barcelona

Dreaming of giving a TED Talk? Hosting your own podcast? Or finally writing that book? What is your vision, your purpose? What is your story, and how can you tell it in a way that is personal and universal at once?

To make the concept of beautiful business more accessible to more people worldwide, it needs persuasive messengers. To influence more of the people in power, it needs inspirational thought leaders.

Like you.

In this Beautiful Business Trip, we offer you the opportunity to work hands-on with the House team—our curators, writers, researchers, designers, filmmakers, and marketing and social media experts —to articulate your ideas, shape and amplify your personal brand, and build a powerful thought leadership platform.

The program will comprise group classes and 1:1 slots with our team members tailored to your specific requirements.

Activities and outcomes

You will:

- Create your purpose statement

- Write and give your TED Talk-style keynote

- Identify your book topic, and write your abstract

- Shape your marketing strategy and platform

- Learn how to up your social media game

- Develop ideas and format for your podcast

- Produce a short promo video

- Learn how to monetize your thought leadership offering

- Meet and strengthen your relationship with fellow members of the House community

- Form your personal sounding board

Limited to 25 participants.



Evening: Welcome and dinner


All-day: Classes, workshops, and project teams


All-day: Classes, workshops, and project teams

Evening: Mini-conference, final presentations, and farewell party


2950 Euro (1950 Euro for Residents)

Price includes food & beverages and all materials, but not hotel or travel.

How to Become a Beautiful Business Thought Leader
How to Become a Beautiful Business Thought Leader

Thursday, September 29 - Saturday, October 1, 2022


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