Helen and Dave Edwards


editors, Quartz



Before it became Quartz.ai, Helen and Dave Edwards were the minds behind intelligentsia.ai, a subscription-based AI research firm. Now they continue to read, write, and blow minds as the editorial power pair behind Quartz’s AI information platform.

Building on careers as executives, investors, and entrepreneurs, Dave and Helen Edwards joined Quartz to advance the conversation with a global business audience about how humans and machines will work together in the age of AI. They are co-authoring an upcoming book that describes the impact of artificial intelligence on human work and serves as a guide to human-machine collaboration.

Helen has spent her career at the edges of chaos; where technological innovation collides head-on with traditional ways of doing things. She's been described as being able to see new relationships and counter-intuitive outcomes; to "link the un-linkable." Her past experience includes being CIO of Transpower, New Zealand's national grid, head of emerging products at Pacific Gas and Electric and head of corporate venturing for Meridian Energy. 

Dave is a trend-spotter, analyst, and storyteller. He has spent his career distilling and advancing big technology trends like the internet, cleantech, and artificial intelligence. His brain is split in two with half dedicated to creatively designing consumer experiences while the other half has an uncanny ability to find the right metric to measure and build upon. His past experience includes being head of software application marketing at Apple, head of consumer strategy at SunPower, and a lead technology research analyst at Morgan Stanley.