Eda Carmikli and Markus Lehto


Co-founders, Joint Idea


markus and eda.jpg

Eda is a community builder, yogi, and blogger. Markus is a real estate developer, consultant, and musician. Both are Istanbul-based entrepreneurs, and together, they form the heart of an international tribe.

By understanding their work life as their life’s work, they have begun to shift paradigms and move the focus of occupation away from simply economic value and towards a life well lived.

With this intention, the duo co-founded Joint Idea with three other partners in 2015. Together they have made waves in the Bosphorus and beyond ever since. What began as a purpose-driven co-working space has evolved into a ‘human algorithm’ of global connections and collective intelligence that has attracted a cohort of changemakers they call the Love Mafia.

Lifeworks Labs—Joint Idea’s collaborative training venture—brings these resources together to help both individuals and organizations to develop themselves: mind, body, and soul.

We’re happy to have Markus and Eda back in the House this year with all their vibrant energy, thoughtful presence, and trusty backgammon boards.